Aspiring videographer prepares to hit the road

Colac’s Daniel Broomfield will film his travels around Australia’s coastline in September.

A Colac video maker is planning to take his subscribers on a journey around Australia.

Daniel Broomfield is changing his YouTube content up from gaming to exploring as he plans a month-long trip driving around Australia’s coast.

“As a YouTuber I’m always looking for different types of content, and the separately to that I just really wanted to go on holiday so I thought I’d try to make it an interesting holiday that people might actually want to watch,” Mr Broomfield said.

“I’m trying to hug the coast as much as possible in my car. I start from Colac and then follow the Great Ocean Road all the way to Adelaide and then keep on going through the coastal towns, I want to get every capital city,” he said.

The 19-year-old started his YouTube channel, Wings95, three years ago. He is planning to leave in September.

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