Health chief proud of efforts

Outgoing Colac Area Health chief Geoff Iles, centre, with board chair John Delorenzo and executive assistant Kelly Reynolds.

Outgoing Colac Area Health chief Geoff Iles will look back with satisfaction at his past 13 years at the helm of the organisation.

Today is Mr Iles’ last day in the chief executive role, with incoming chief Fiona Brew taking over.

Mr Iles reflected on his time at Colac Area Health fondly and said he looked forward to retirement.

“I got to a stage where I just didn’t have the resilience that a position like chief executive needs. You don’t appreciate that until you’ve reached a stage where you start to, with self-critical analysis, think you’re not actually contributing as much to the organisation as I was,” Mr Iles said.

“I think it reached a stage where I just had to be true to myself and more importantly be fair to everyone, to say ‘I think it’s time for me to retire’.”

Mr Iles said it was only fair to the community for a new person to take over as chief executive to bring a new energy and capacity to the role.

“I’m leaving very happy. I’m leaving very satisfied with what we’ve been able to do as an organisation,” he said.

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