Help to get hearts pumping

Australia Post Colac’s Katie Johnson learns how to use an automated external defibrillator from St John Ambulance Victoria’s Fred Garrechc and Maree O’Malley.

Colac and district residents have learnt how to use automated external defibrillators installed in post offices across the region.

Australia Post and St John Ambulance Victoria teamed up to install defibrillators in post offices at Colac, Birregurra, Deans Marsh, Simpson, Camperdown, Cobden and Terang, and St John Ambulance Victoria’s Fred Garrechc and Maree O’Malley have been visiting the post offices this week to show residents how to use the devices.

Mr Garrechc said he and Ms O’Malley used two mannequins and practice defibrillators to make sure “everyone who comes through the shop knows how to use the defibrillator that’s now placed there”.

An AED or defibrillator is a lightweight, battery-operated, portable device that checks heart rhythm and can send an electric shock to the heart in an attempt to restore a normal rhythm if someone is having a cardiac arrest.

Ambulance Victoria encourages businesses, groups and organisations with defibrillators to register them with their AED Registry so people can use them in an emergency.

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