Service keeps families safer

Natasha Habjan, Pauline Pearce, Tania Price, Rachel Kettle and Marg White are celebrating Colac Otway and Corangamite Orange Door’s one-year anniversary at Colac Area Health. The Orange Door provides support for vulnerable families.

Colac and district family support service Orange Door has celebrated its one-year anniversary.

Colac Area Health staff gathered on Tuesday to reflect on a year of services for the Colac Otway and Corangamite region.

The Orange Door is a free service for adults, children and young people who are experiencing or have experienced family violence and families who need extra support with the care of children.

Colac Otway and Corangamite Orange Door’s team leader Pauline Pearce said Orange Door aimed to keep children and women safer, support vulnerable families and give men assistance to change violent behaviours.

Community care director Marg White said domestic violence was prevalent in the Colac Otway area and that there had been a significant increase in reporting of family violence in the past few years.

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